What are Minimum Energy Performance Standards?

Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) specify the minimum level of energy performance that appliances, lighting and electrical equipment must meet or exceed before they can be offered for sale or used for commercial purposes.

MEPS are mandatory for a range of products in Australia and New Zealand. These products must be registered through an online database and meet a number of legal requirements before they can be sold in either of these countries. To find out the MEPS requirements for a particular product check the relevant Australian GEMS determination or the New Zealand regulations.

Why are MEPS important?

MEPS are an effective way to increase the energy efficiency of products. By specifying a minimum energy performance level they prevent inefficient products from entering the marketplace and help to increase average product efficiency over time. For consumers, this means that products available in the market use less energy and have lower running costs over the life of the product. Using energy efficient products also reduces greenhouse gas emissions and our impact on the environment.

How are MEPS worked out?

The Australian and New Zealand governments work together and in consultation with industry to determine appropriate MEPS for products and appliances. Before a product is included in the program it undergoes a rigorous assessment to determine whether the benefit to the community outweighs any cost of its regulation. The MEPS for each product is generally equivalent to international best practice standards or a more stringent standard developed specifically for Australia or New Zealand.

Proposed and future MEPS

MEPS and energy rating label requirements are reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure they keep up with advances in technology. From time to time there may be new or revised MEPS levels and revised energy label requirements for products. Additional products are also being investigated for potential energy efficiency measures, which may include minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) or energy rating labelling. For more information see products.

Next steps for households and businesses

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