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03 Dec

MEPS Profile: Three Phase Electric Motors

Category: Electric Motors | Date: 03/12/2002

This MEPS Profile (Report Number 2002/15) has been released outlining the proposed strategies that the Australian Government will introduce with respect to regulating Three Phase Electric Motors.

03 Nov
16 Aug

Presentation: Three Phase Air Conditioners - Potential MEPS 2007 - Being Part of the Solution

Category: Space Heating and Cooling | Date: 16/08/2002

This presentation wsa delivered by EnergyConsult on the 16th of August 2002.

16 Aug

Presentation Notes: Concluding Remarks - Air Conditioning Forum

Category: Space Heating and Cooling | Date: 16/08/2002

03 Aug

MEPS Profile: Air Conditioners - NAEEEC proposal for AC MEPS levels in 2004 and 2007

Category: Space Heating and Cooling | Date: 03/08/2002

This report (Report Number 2002/11) represents the first stage of a public process to develop nationally consistent standards for single phase air conditioners and a review of the MEPS program for three phase air conditioners.

03 Jul

Report: MEPS for Lamps Addendum to The Ellis Report

Category: Lighting | Date: 03/07/2002

A study was commissioned by NAEEEC (through the Australian Greenhouse Office) to investigate options for MEPS on lamps.

05 May

Presentation: Three Phase Air Conditioner Testing Program

Category: Space Heating and Cooling | Date: 05/05/2002

This presentation was delivered by representatives of the Australian Greenhouse Office.

03 May

Report: International Review of Minimum Energy Performance Standards for Air Conditioners

Category: Space Heating and Cooling | Date: 03/05/2002

This report (Report Number 2002/16) was prepared for the Australian Greenhouse Office by EnergyConsult Pty Ltd.The AGO asked EnergyConsult Pty Ltd to identify and report on the international MEPS levels for air conditioners and propose the international

03 Apr

Report: Work plan and policies for 2002 to 2004

Category: General/E3 Program | Date: 03/04/2002

03 Feb

Report: The Success of Compressed Air Programs

Category: Other Products | Date: 03/02/2002

This report (2002/06) was prepared by EnergyConsult Pty Ltd.