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16 Nov

Minutes: ACRAC Meeting 2

Category: General/E3 Program | Date: 16/11/2011

Air Conditioner Advisory Committee Meeting 2 Minutes: Newcastle, 16 November 2011.

20 Sep

Minutes: ACRAC Meeting 1

Category: General/E3 Program | Date: 20/09/2011

Air Conditioner Advisory Committee Meeting 1 Minutes: Canberra, 20 September 2011

10 May

Process: The Australian MEPS and Energy Rating Labelling Regulatory Process

Category: General/E3 Program | Date: 10/05/2006

This document outlines the processes relating to the Australian MEPS and Energy Labelling Regulation including Design of the Overall Program, Test Capacity, Preparation and Publication of a Regulatory Proposal for a Product, Design and Implementation of