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Changes to published GEMS information


Changes to published GEMS information

Topic: Registration

Family of models

The Energy Rating Team has added information to the publicly available GEMS data so that all registered models can easily be found. This change has been made to assist users of the GEMS registration database and others who access this data on and through the Energy Rating Calculator.

Where a registration is for a family of models, each individual model number and the family name now appear on the Registration Database and when searching for models in the Energy Rating Calculator and mobile app.

This change allows all suppliers to confirm that a model is registered before offering the product for supply. Consumers also now have a complete list of models that are registered and display an Energy Rating Label to help in choosing the best model for their needs.

To allow for this change, we have removed the question 'How should the model number(s) be shown on the public website?' from the application when registering a product. Registrants will no longer need to specify this information.

If you have any concerns or comments about this change, please contact