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Customs codes for LEDs


Customs codes for LEDs

Topic: Lighting

New and improved

Recent changes to customs codes for LED lighting will make it easier to understand the number and type of LED products being imported to Australia.

The broad international classification of customs codes is set by the World Customs Organisation under the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System, generally referred to as "Harmonized System" or "HS". In the case of lighting products, while international customs codes have been in place for some time for a variety of lighting (including halogen, compact fluorescent, incandescent and linear fluorescent lamps) similar classifications have not been available for the emerging LED modules, lamps and luminaires until recently.

In January 2017, the World Customs Organisation broad level classifications for LED lamps (8539.50.00) came into effect.  At the request of Australian regulators and industry, Australia has now developed and adopted more detailed LED national import categories to provide improved LED lighting product import data.  

Import data for energy using products classified by customs codes can be a valuable tool for energy efficiency regulators and policymakers to understand the volume and source of products entering the country.

Full details of the modified Australian Bureau of Statistics import codes can be found in the Lighting Council Australia Technical News No. 21 but can be summarised as:

  • New Category – Designating LED lamps as belonging to 8539.50.00 and 21 subcategories;
  • New Category – Within luminaires allowing both LED and non-LED luminaires to be identified (9405.10.00 – 15 sub-categories);
  • New Category – Public and road lighting, allowing both LED and non-LED to be identified – 9405.40.00;
  • LED drivers have been moved from an incorrect category;
  • A separation of LED parts according to whether they contain an element providing power supply or power control:
    • those with power supply or control (e.g. LED modules) are designated as belonging to 9405,
    • those without power supply or control (e.g. LED chip or LED package) are designated as belonging to 8541;
  • Editing “Emergency” fixtures to include all light source technologies (currently LED is not included).

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