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E3 Program: the year in review


E3 Program: the year in review

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Message from the GEMS Regulator


As 2014 draws to a close, it’s timely to look back on the year and reflect on all that’s been achieved across the E3 Program.
I was gratified to see Australia’s global leadership in lighting energy efficiency action recognised with an award from the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP).  In other lighting highlights from 2014, we published a specialist retailer training package and released the product profile on incandescent, halogen and compact fluorescent lamps.  
The E3 Service Delivery team continued to enhance the registration system, making it easier than ever for industry to meet its obligations under the GEMS Act.  We implemented the replacement GEMS Determination for air conditioners, and published a new standard for seasonal air conditioner testing and rating. In the water heating space, we consulted on the electric storage consultation RIS and published the solar water heater product profile.
Australia was a significant driver over a number of years in work which culminated in two international standards for electric motors being published.  An enhanced energy rating label for ‘climate influenced’ products is also quite a few steps closer to fruition (see story below). 
We refreshed the energy rating website and launched the energy rating app, giving purchasers even better access to our data than before.  And we embraced open data by making the energy rating dataset freely available to retailers and developers on via an Application Programing Interface (API).
During 2014, as always, we continued to monitor compliance with the GEMS Act through check testing and market surveillance. We cancelled the registration of eight models - four air conditioners, a refrigerator, a clothes dryer, a television and a linear fluorescent lamp - and inspected a range of televisions, whitegoods, air conditioners and lamps for compliance with registration and labelling requirements.
As we wrap up yet another busy year, I extend my best wishes to all in the E3 Program ‘family’ and look forward to all that 2015 brings.


David Walker
GEMS Regulator