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GEMS: Registration renewals


GEMS: Registration renewals

Renewing your registration is easy – provided the product hasn’t changed since it was originally registered.

Is your product still exactly the same?

You will notice in the online renewal system that most fields in a draft renewal are locked for editing. This is because the renewal function in the online system is only for renewing a registration – not to update a product.

If your product has not changed, you simply log in to the registration system:

  1. Create the renewal (in the 6 months leading up to your registration expiring)
  2. Pay for the renewal
  3. Submit the renewal, otherwise it will remain as a draft in the system.

Has anything about your product changed?

If you discover any details have changed – even small changes – since you first registered your product, please contact us before submitting and paying for your renewal. This is because you may need to complete a new application – and payments cannot be transferred. As a general rule, if the model number, brand and performance have not changed then your renewal should be quite straight forward.

More information

For more information or detailed instructions, please see Section 9.5 of the Suppliers’ Guide. If you need further assistance please email