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Help for GEMS Registrants


Help for GEMS Registrants

Topic: Registration

Product registration made easier

The GEMS Regulator has implemented new help pages in the product registration database to assist users.  These new help pages are split into distinct subject areas to make them easier to locate and use when needed.  Registrants will be able to access these new pages through the main Help tab in the registration database, where they will be able to review all of the help topics and identify the one they need, as shown below:


Figure 1: Suppliers Help page on registration database

The help pages will also be linked from the relevant pages on the registration database; where you see a ‘Help for this page’ link in the upper right hand corner on a page, you will be able to click and access help that is specific to that page.  The help links will open in separate windows, enabling you to switch back and forth between their application and the help page as required:

 Help page link on database

A consolidated version of the help pages can be found in the Suppliers Guide. This is available from the Help tab in the registration database for those who wish to download it. 

The implementation of these new pages mark the first stage of the introduction of new contextually-relevant help facilities. Future enhancements will include video walkthroughs and product-specific help pages focusing on the technical questions for each product that registrants need to answer.

In addition to providing registrants with a clearer understanding of how to use the registration database, these enhancements will provide registrants with more clarity around what information is required to successfully lodge an application for registration, and the reasons why we ask for this information.

Anyone who has any feedback or questions regarding the new help pages may send them to