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Help for GEMS registrants


Help for GEMS registrants

Improved application form

The Energy Rating Team is continuing to make product registration easier for registrants by commencing the second stage of help improvements. The yellow help boxes that appear when you click on the question mark symbol next to a question in a registration application are being updated.

These yellow help boxes are being updated to provide more relevant information, more detailed instructions on how to complete the questions and clearer indication of which questions are mandatory and which are optional.  For product-specific questions, references and links to the relevant Standards and Determinations will also be provided for the registrant to get more information. Products which may currently have few or none of these help boxes will have this feature added.

Television applications were the first to see product-specific help box updates and updates for other products will be rolled out progressively over the next couple of months. These improvements follow on from the first stage of help improvements in April - the release of new help pages that could be accessed from any page in the registration system.

Please send us any feedback you may have about help improvements via our Contact Us form. Comments provided will feed into our ongoing continuous improvement processes.