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Improved service delivery to GEMS stakeholders


Improved service delivery to GEMS stakeholders

2016-17 satisfaction survey results

The efforts of the Energy Rating Team to improve service levels for stakeholders are paying off! Overall satisfaction levels reported in the 2016-17 GEMS Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey are up significantly, from 77 per cent last year to 84 per cent. This trend was echoed across most areas covered in the survey.

For the first time, respondents were asked about their satisfaction with GEMS monitoring and compliance, with 58 per cent agreeing with positive statements about this activity. Suggestions for further improvements to GEMS services related to consistency in assessment processing times, complexity of the registration system, provision of technical advice, and increased visibility of compliance monitoring activities and enforcement responses.

The GEMS Regulator thanks those who completed the survey. It provides government with an invaluable insight into the experience of its stakeholders, which informs  ongoing efforts to improve the program.

Read the report here.