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New GEMS application forms


New GEMS application forms

Topic: Registration

Now in hard copy

The GEMS Regulator has released hard copy versions of the application forms in the registration database for each product currently regulated by the Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards Act (2012).

These hard copy forms were developed in response to industry feedback, and aim to assist applicants who may assign administrative personnel the responsibility of completing the online application forms, but who may not be product experts themselves.

The forms can be downloaded by clicking here and are designed for applicants’ internal use only; they are not to be used for submitting applications to the Regulator.  All applications for registration must continue to be submitted via the online registration database.

Updates may occur from time to time to reflect relevant system or legislative changes.  Registrants are advised to monitor The Efficiency Standard for any updates.

Registrants interested in submitting feedback or suggestions for future improvements to these forms are encouraged to send their feedback to