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New report on LED policies


New report on LED policies

Topic: Lighting

Lessons learned from around the world

In a new report, the International Energy Agency's 4E Solid State Lighting Annex shares lessons learned from government policies bringing LEDs to market. The report is intended to inform and encourage policies and programs around the world to accelerate the uptake and supply of high quality and energy efficient LEDs.

The new report “Lessons Learned Bringing LEDs to Market” captures quality assurance mechanisms, including market monitoring and performance testing; tailored communication approaches for consumers and businesses; manufacturer support and incentive approaches for consumers and businesses.

The SSL Annex member countries offer lessons learned from their work to promote quality LED lighting, recognising the fact that governments and other stakeholders can play a pivotal role in raising supply chain awareness of efficiency opportunities with LEDs, helping to build demand and stimulate supply for highly efficient and quality products.

You can read more and download the report from the 4E SSL’s website here.