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Progress on Energy Efficiency


Progress on Energy Efficiency

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New report from the IEA

The International Energy Agency's Energy Efficiency Market Report 2016 tracks a range of indicators of energy efficiency progress and policy development globally. The report found that energy intensity improvements are speeding up, efficiency is driving down demand for energy, and that currently just 30 per cent of the world's energy consumption is subject to mandatory efficiency policies.  

According to the report, energy consumption for lighting witnessed the largest jump in policy coverage.  Mandatory standards now cover more than 60% of energy consumption for lighting worldwide, while coverage in the use of space heating and appliances has doubled. ‘Best in class’ efficiency standards for heating, cooling, lighting could lower global residential energy use by 14 per cent.

This year, the report includes a special feature on China, which highlights the considerable reductions in energy intensity that have been achieved in recent years.

View the IEA’s snapshot of the key messages from the report here.

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Download the report for free here.