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Public consultation on air conditioners and chillers


Public consultation on air conditioners and chillers

In early February, the E3 Committee released a consultation Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) for air conditioners and chillers.

Products in scope of the RIS are air-source air conditioners of the vapour compression cycle (‘refrigerative’ air conditioners) of all sizes in Australia and New Zealand. This includes small household window/wall, single split systems, multi-split systems, ducted units and larger commercial sized products. The RIS also considers single duct ‘portable’ air conditioners, which are not currently regulated.  Evaporative air conditioners are not in the scope of this RIS. The RIS also considers chillers that are generally used for commercial air conditioning.

The RIS proposes the introduction of a new Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio testing and rating standard, the adoption of an enhanced 'zoned' Energy Rating Label along with various simplification and harmonisation changes to Minimum Energy Performance Standards.

E3 recently held public consultation sessions in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Wellington from 15 – 23 February which were well attended by a wide variety of manufacturers, suppliers, regulators and technical experts. E3 now welcomes written stakeholder feedback on the options explored in the consultation RIS.

Written submissions should state ‘Consultation RIS – Air Conditioners and Chillers’ in the subject heading and should be emailed to for Australian submissions, and for New Zealand submissions.

Submissions close COB AEDT 18 March 2016.

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For more information, visit the consultation page.

Air Conditioners and Chillers Consultation