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Registering GEMS products


Registering GEMS products

Topic: Registration

Helpful tips

The Energy Rating team wants to make it as easy as possible for industry to register and comply with the GEMS Act.

Here are some tips for a quicker turnaround on enquiries.

Using email for enquiries

Send your enquiry to and include:

  • Your contact details (name, organisation and phone number)
  • The identification number that is relevant to your query
  • A brief explanation of how you would like us to assist you (include screen shots if you’re encountering problems with completing registration).

On average, we respond to emails within two to three days – and earlier if we can!

Using ‘Notes’ for your applications

If your application has been returned you may want to send the assessor a note. Type your note and select “Return to Regulators” to resubmit the application to the assessor.

If you don’t select “Return to Regulators” the assessor will not know you have left them a note.

Diagram pointing out the process of writing your notes in the 'add a note' section. Clicking the Add Note/Files  button and finally clicking on the Return to Regulators button.