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Registration system enhancements


Registration system enhancements

Topic: Registration

The E3 Service Delivery Team have just completed a further of round of enhancements to the E3 program registration system.

These enhancements include the following:

  • Registrants now have the ability to add a product to an existing family of models. This will come at a reduced registration cost to the registrants of $250 and waives the need for an additional test report (the new model uses the test result submitted for the original family application). This enhancement is available for every product type except electric motors. More information can be found on the ComLaw website.
  • Registrants also now have the ability to make changes to their own registrations through the system (as opposed to emailing the E3 enquiries team). As the changes are made directly to the registration forms, this reduces the time taken for a registrant to have a change actioned (as they will no longer have to attempt to describe the change in prose via email). There will be no fee for this service.
  • The E3 enquiries team have successfully transferred to a new Customer Relations Management System to manage the enquiries for the E3 program. During this transition there have been some delays in responding to enquiries, which we expect to clear soon.

If you have any issues using these new features, please contact our enquiries team at .