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Registration Tips - Technical Assessment Officer support


Registration Tips - Technical Assessment Officer support

Topic: Registration

How to communicate with your Technical Assessment Officer (TAO)


Sample registration record screen, with the Red Box indicating the Notes and Change History button

To correspond with the TAO assessing your application, click on the ‘Notes & Change History’ tab (represented by a notebook), which is the last icon on the Tab bar.


Notes & Change History page with text box for typing messages and a link to attach files.

Type your message and then click “Add Note/Files” to send your message to the TAO. You can also use the “Attach a file” facility to upload documents that may have been requested. You should provide the information and/or make the changes requested prior to resubmitting the application.


Declaration page from the registration system, with field for adding notes

Please do not use the “Registration Notes” field on the Declaration page to upload files or comments when your application has been returned.