Consultation Overview

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This report is a Product Profile focusing on Air-source Heat Pump Water Heaters used for residential water heating. Air-source heat pump water heaters are a type of water heater that use a refrigerant fluid to absorb heat from the outside air and transfer it to water stored in a tank. This Product Profile provides the basis for consultation with industry, community and other stakeholders on options to improve the energy efficiency of air-source heat pump water heaters, as well as the potential for introducing other functional performance requirements.

The Product Profile provides an overview of the market in Australia and New Zealand; including available products, their efficiencies, major suppliers, and an overview of the sales and installed stock of the water heaters. It considers if technical improvements are possible, and the reasons why more efficient models aren’t dominating the market. It introduces a variety of different policy options that could be used to improve products and achieve energy savings, greenhouse gas reductions and functional performance improvements.

Readers are asked to provide feedback on the data, assumptions and hot water heating performance functions which are detailed in the report, as well as possible policy options.

Public consultation will consist of several public consultation meetings and receipt of written submissions.   Dates and venues for meetings are as follows:

New Zealand





12th July


9.30 am

EECA – video conferencing from Auckland, and teleconferencing from elsewhere.

Contact  Heidi Irion EECA for details






11th July



Ground Floor Meeting Room

5 Farrell Place, Canberra

12th July


9.30 am

Level 3

101 Grenfell Street, Adelaide

16th July


1.30 pm

Canberra Room at The Menzies Hotel

14 Carrington Street, Sydney

17th July


10.00 am

Room 4

80 George Street, Brisbane




Email if you require further detail.


Following consultation, the Equipment Energy Efficiency Committee (E3) may decide to proceed with the development of a Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) for consultation. Such a RIS would detail proposals for improving the energy efficiency of heat pump water heaters, along with a cost/benefit analysis for proceeding with the proposals. Such a Consultation RIS would also seek further feedback from stakeholders.

Interested parties are encouraged to submit comments as part of the consultation process. Feedback from readers on the key questions presented will be greatly appreciated. Comments should be emailed to and should state ‘Heat Pump Water Heater Product Profile’ in the subject heading.

All submissions must be received by 10 August 2012.