Portable Air Conditioning

Portable air conditioners from the first of April 2020. All new portable air conditioners must be registered and must display a ZERL prior to being sold. If you've got existing stock in Australia it can be until exhausted without registering or displaying but here are some conditions on this and if you're unsure you can email us at the energy (link sends e-mail) website.

Or you can check with you supplier note that portable evaporative cause don't need to be registered they're not covered under our legislation. One of the important things about portable air conditioners is that the star rating for all single duct portable units is zero in all zones.

I've got a slide later on which will go into detail about why that is.

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The main thing here is that if you are unsure about the registration and labelling requirements of any of the portable air conditioners that you sell check with your supplier and again you can contact us at energy rating. So why does single duct portable units have a zero star rating?

It's true single duct portable air conditioners will blow cold air at you if you're in a room but they have one duct going out the back which is expelling air generally at about 50 litres a second so it's basically dragging air out of the room. That's creating a bit of negative air pressure in the room that you're in and so air will try to leak in from anywhere that it can so that could be from open windows or from under doors or for  anywhere that it can come in. Generally if it's really hot outside and you're trying to call yourself down the air that's coming in is going to be really hot, so what you're doing is you're taking cooler conditioned air throwing it outside and bringing in more hot air to replacements so while you might feel cold sitting in front of the air conditioner your room is actually heating up.

And so the stars on the ZERL are an indication of how well an air conditioner actually cools or heats a room and because the unit's not actually cool the room it can’t actually achieve any stars.

The main point to make here really is that often portable air conditioners have been marketed as directly comparable or better than small split system units. What the new determination and the new label and especially showing zero stars for portables really shows is the efficiency difference between portables and a small split system.

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This is still understanding that portable units are the only option for support for people in certain circumstances so the government isn't regulating them out of existence they're still a product that people can use it's just highlighting that there are better choices available when you can make those choices.