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This is the program for the Phase-Out 2008: Working Towards Global Phase-Out of Inefficient Lighting held on the 12th - 14th of May, 2008 in Shanghai.

This Cost Benefit Analysis examines the impacts arising from a proposal to change the star rating algorithm for the energy rating labelling system for refrigerators and freezers. It is a precursor to a formal Regulatory Impact Statement, which will be prepared once public comments on this document are received and considered.

This report “Achievements 2006” (2007/01) is the annual report of the National Appliance and Equipment Energy Efficiency Program (NAEEEP). It reports on the progress made in this calendar year against the goals set for the program by the Ministerial Council on Energy over the triennium 2002-2004.

This report (2006/10) documents the actions and achievements in the field of standby power since 2000 when work and analysis first commenced in Australia. It also provides an overall assessment of the standby status of each major product group including information sources and trend data for each individual product where this is available. In particular this report includes: Overview of the MCE Standby Power Strategy 2002-2012. Overview of the status of each major product type. An overview of standby power profiles released and their Stage 1 and Stage 2 requirements.

This presentation was delivered in April 2005 by Steven Beletich of Mark Ellis and Associates.

This standby product profile (2003/08) released in October outlines the government's proposals to assist industry meet standby targets for clothes washers.