23 Nov 2016 AEDT
31 Jan 2017 AEDT


A supplementary consultation paper updating policy positions for air conditioners and chillers has been released on the Energy Rating website. This document provides an overview on the feedback received on the Consultation Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) released earlier this year, updates policy positions where required, and provides a basis for further consultation with industry, community and other stakeholders. It provides more technical detail on some proposals outlined in the RIS.

This position paper should be considered in conjunction with the RIS and not as a standalone document. It covers where the RIS proposals have been modified, are not recommended to proceed, where additional input or information is sought and provides stakeholders with an opportunity to provide further feedback.

Further detail on various proposals from the RIS is provided, including the star rating index for products to be covered by the Zoned Energy Rating Label.

Policy changes considered by the RIS and this document include the costs and benefits of introducing a ‘zoned’ energy rating label that provides location specific information on energy efficiency, harmonisation of Minimum Energy Performance Standards and regulations, and the inclusion of single duct portable air conditioners in the Equipment Energy Efficiency (E3) Program.

As with the RIS, this document covers chillers and air conditioners of the vapour compression cycle (refrigerative) of all sizes, including options for single duct unitary products.

Interested parties are asked to provide feedback, including responses to the some or all of the questions or requests for further detail posed. 

Key documents

Consultation sessions

Public consultation sessions were held in December in Sydney, Wellington and Auckland (via video link) and were well attended by a range of stakeholders. Written feedback is now requested on the revised options outlined in the document.

The presentations given at the consultation sessions are available to download above.

Making a written submission

A total of 31 written submissions were received from a variety of manufacturers, industry groups, individuals and others. The following 29 submissions are available to download:

The following companies also provided submissions, but did not give permission for publication:

  • Black Diamond Technologies
  • Clivet

Double duct unitary air conditioners – additional consultation

On 1 June 2017, an initial draft of the proposed GEMS Determination for air conditioners was circulated to industry stakeholders to seek feedback on technical issues such as definitions for air conditioner product categories. Differing views emerged on the draft definitions covering the proposal to lower the MEPS for ‘double duct portable air conditioners’.

While the consultation documents on the proposed changes to the regulations generally used the term double duct portable air conditioners, the department’s air conditioning team understood this as a broad term, which also included wall mounted double duct products. The specific inclusion of wall mounted double duct products was outlined in the updated policy proposals document published for consultation in November 2016.  Feedback has since shown that many stakeholders did not realise that wall mounted products were included in the scope of the proposed lower MEPS level. The following document was released and the ten submissions received are published below.

Consultation Paper: Double duct air conditioners