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25 Sep 2015 AEST

Commercial Lighting Product Profile


In conjunction with release of the report, the department undertook industry consultation sessions across Australia and New Zealand to discuss the proposed policy options and to seek information on a range of technical and data issues. The Department is having further discussions with industry to inform drafting of a Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement.


Lighting in Australia and New Zealand is a major contributor to energy use and cost in the commercial sector with commercial lighting systems accounting up to 40% of electricity end-use. A range of linear (double-capped) fluorescent lamps and ballasts have been subject to minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) and labelling requirements since 2002 in New Zealand and 2004 in Australia.

Taking into account the emergence of more efficient commercial lighting products and the introduction of more stringent MEPS levels in a number of other major economies; it is considered timely to review the MEPS program for linear fluorescent lamps and ballasts and to consider options for increasing the efficiency of basic commercial luminaires, circular and U-shaped fluorescent lamps, and non-integrated CFLs.

This Product Profile does not include LEDs as these lighting products are being reviewed separately as part of the LED Product Profile to be released in the near future. Incandescent and halogen lamps (Australia only) and integrated CFLs (Australia and New Zealand) were the subject of a review released for stakeholder comment in November 2014.

The E3 Committee is seeking views and dialogue with industry, consumers and other stakeholders on the information presented in the Product Profile including current and projected sales and stock of commercial lighting in Australia and New Zealand, availability of effective and efficient alternatives to selected lighting products, as well as the possible options for governments to drive improvements to energy productivity. Final policy options would be subject to detailed investigation (including cost-benefit modelling) through a Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS).


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Public Consultation sessions

Public consultations were held in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Auckland during September.