15 Jul 2016 AEST
2 Sep 2016 AEST

Consultation overview

This consultation Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) considers policy proposals to improve the average energy efficiency of refrigerated commercial cabinets – namely:

  • refrigerated display cabinets – commercial fridges, including those with transparent doors or lids and drinks chillers, all of which display food for sale
  • refrigerated storage cabinets – a sub-category of commercial cabinets (also known as professional or service cabinets) that are often used behind the scenes in kitchens or by catering companies.

Both refrigerated display and storage cabinets are important in the food sector. They are widely used by a range of companies, from small owner-operated businesses to large companies such as supermarket chains.

This consultation RIS looks at several policy proposals to update and revise the existing Standard to reflect the growing commercial cabinet market.  While the current regulations have gone some way to achieving their objective by promoting and developing more energy efficient commercial cabinets, there is significant scope to simplify and revise the existing requirements to improve energy efficiency and reduce associated greenhouse gas emissions.

Interested parties were asked to provide feedback on the consultation RIS, including responses to the some or all of the questions posed. To help inform feedback, public consultation sessions were held across New Zealand and Australia. These sessions provided an overview of the RIS, additional background information – and an opportunity to discuss the RIS more generally.


A Technical Working Group (TWG) was convened following feedback on the consultation RIS.  The TWG was made up of industry representatives, regulators and independent experts who were primarily tasked with reviewing the international standards' suitability for the Australasian market and considering any potential technical alternations to the standards proposed to be adopted.

The TWG made the provisional technical findings and recommendations available to industry stakeholders for feedback from April to September 2017.

Key documents

Consultation RIS – Refrigerated display and storage cabinets (PDF | DOCX).

Consultation RIS – Refrigerated display and storage cabinets presentation (PPTX).

Technical Working Group Recommendations - Industry update on refrigerated display and storage cabinets (DOCX)

Technical Working Group Recommendations - Technical Appendix (DOCX)

Public consultation meetings

Public consultation sessions for feedback on the consultation RIS were held in:

  • Melbourne (9 August 2016)
  • Sydney, 10 (August 2016)
  • Brisbane (11 August 2016)
  • Auckland (16 August 2016).


Consultation RISThe closing date for written submissions was 2 September 2016.Technical Working Group RecommendationsThe closing date for written submissions was 5 September 2017.

Submissions received

Consultation RIS submissionsA total of 20 written submissions were received from a variety of manufacturers, industry groups, individuals and others. Fourteen are available to download:

The following also provided submissions, but did not provide permission to publish:

  • ALDI
  • Artisan
  • Cyberchill
  • Hitchon International
  • Skope
  • Williams Refrigeration Australia.

Technical Working Group Recommendations submissionsA total of 2 written submissions were received from industry stakeholders.