15 Sep 2014 AEST
24 Oct 2014 AEDT


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What is being reviewed?

The review will evaluate:

  • the operation and administration of the IGA, including transitional issues from the previous multi-jurisdiction appliance and equipment energy efficiency regulatory regime. This will also include the identification of opportunities for process efficiencies;
  • the implementation of the GEMS Act and the E3 Program against their objectives; and
  • ongoing funding requirements for delivery of the E3 Program, including options relating to cost recovery.

What kinds of issues will the review consider?

  • How the current national approach compares to the previous multi-jurisdictional scheme;
  • Whether anticipated savings from moving to the current regime are being realised;
  • Whether energy efficiency standards are being raised;
  • Whether current energy efficiency requirements have impacted on the competitiveness of Australian industries, either in Australia or overseas;
  • Whether alternative cost effective and viable policy, process and funding models could be used to achieve the same outcomes;
  • What impact alternative models might have on Australian stakeholders; and
  • How existing processes could be made more efficient.

Who’s doing the review?

The review is being managed by the Appliance Energy Efficiency Branch of the Department of Industry and Science, on behalf of the E3 Committee.

The review itself is being undertaken independently by consultants Databuild who were selected through a competitive tender process.

Why is it being reviewed?

The review will fulfil the requirement in paragraph 51 of the IGA that it be reviewed, and will generate content that will be of use for the review required under the GEMS Act, to be undertaken after its fifth year of operation.

What are the Terms of Reference for the review?

The review’s Terms of Reference have been noted by ministers of the COAG Energy Council. Within these Terms of Reference industry stakeholders suggested a number of questions that the review should seek to answer.

How will the review be undertaken?

The methodology that consultants Databuild will use in carrying out the review is available here.

Interviews: Databuild will gather the views of key stakeholders through 97 qualitative interviews, carried out during August, September and October 2014.

Workshops: Selected stakeholders will be invited to participate in one of three workshops.

  • 29 August 2014 – Sydney – for Industry Group representatives (by invitation only)
  • 10 September 2014 – Sydney – for Consumer Group representatives (by invitation only)
  • 11 September 2014 – Melbourne – for Industry and all other stakeholder representatives (by invitation only)

Online Consultation: All interested parties can express their views through the online consultation process by completing the questionnaire on this page between 15 September and 24 October 2014.

When will the review be completed?

Online consultations closed on 24 October 2014.

Qualitative interviews with selected stakeholders were completed by mid-October 2014.

A high-level progress report was presented to the E3 Committee on 27 October 2014.

The final report will be submitted to the Department of Industry by 31 March 2015.