17 Aug 2015 AEST
9 Oct 2015 AEDT

LED lighting Product Profile


In conjunction with release of the report, the department undertook industry consultation sessions across Australia and New Zealand to discuss the proposed policy options and to seek information on a range of technical and data issues. The Department is having further discussions with industry to inform drafting of a Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement.


The scope of this product profile is Light Emitting Diodes (LED) lighting, including household lamps and commercial luminaires, in Australia and New Zealand. This includes those of a non-standard form and those intended to replace standard general service incandescent, decorative, reflector and linear fluorescent lamps.

This product profile reports on the current LED market and scope for energy efficiency and technological improvements. It explores possible actions to encourage the uptake of energy efficient LED lighting, including the feasibility of developing Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) for LED lamps.

Monitoring of LED lighting in the market indicates that technology is developing rapidly and becoming more affordable. However, evaluation of LED products currently available in the marketplace indicates a wide variation in quality and efficacy. This could result in negative consumer experience.

An LED MEPS has the potential to improve performance and consumer confidence, which could lead to greater uptake. An LED MEPS could also increase the overall energy savings achieved by the transition to LEDs through removing less efficient LEDs from the market.

The E3 Committee is seeking views and dialogue with industry, consumers and other stakeholders on the information presented in the Product Profile including current and projected sales and stock of LED lighting in Australia and New Zealand, as well as the possible options for governments to drive improvements to energy productivity.

Options for improving energy efficiency and performance of LED lighting will be considered alongside options for incandescent, halogens and CFLs, which are the subject of another Product Profile released in November 2014. Options for a range of commercial lighting products are considered in a Product Profile released on 28 July 2015. Final policy options would be subject to detailed investigation through a Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS).

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Public Consultation sessions

Public consultations were held between 3 and 17 September in Australia and New Zealand to provide an overview of the Product Profile, and discuss its findings, policy options and identified areas where additional data would be useful.