16 Dec 2021 AEDT
14 Jan 2022 AEDT

Consultation is now open on the draft Regulator Performance Omnibus Bill. The Australian Government is consulting publicly on the Bill to ensure it is informed by business and community expectations of regulators.

The Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet has worked closely with Commonwealth departments and regulators to identify suitable provisions for inclusion in the Bill. The Bill is the first of its kind to take a whole-of-Australian Government approach to regulator best practice and performance. 

Included in the draft Bill are proposed amendments to the Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards Act 2012 (GEMS Act) in response to the 2019 independent review of the Act and issues raised by stakeholders.

      More information on the Bill and how to submit feedback on it is available on the Regulator Performance Omnibus Bill consultation page. You can also read Minister Morton’s media release.


      About the proposed amendments

      The amendments will make it easier for the GEMS Regulator to administer the legislation and easier for suppliers to comply with its requirements. The amendments, while minor, will support the achievement of the objects of the Act by giving flexibility to help more energy efficient products be available in the Australian market. These amendments would:

      • reduce unnecessary administrative burden for both the GEMS Regulator and suppliers;
      • streamline processes for those regulated by the Act;
      • increase flexibility to reduce regulatory burden for business; and
      • reduce suppliers’ need to seek exemptions from requirements.