16 Oct 2015 AEDT
30 Oct 2015 AEDT


This survey has now closed. We are currently reviewing the results. More information will be published on the Energy Rating Website once available.


The E3 Committee is considering changes to the existing energy efficiency labels on air conditioners and the potential of applying labels to water heating products. If adopted it would affect products across both Australia and New Zealand.

We are very aware of the important role that the air conditioner and water heater industry have in selecting and recommending products to consumers and other parties, and would like to ensure the label can assist these decisions and conversations in the best possible way.

We are currently undertaking a new round of online testing on the label and would appreciate your assistance in ensuring this label will be a valuable tool for members of these industries. The survey will only take about five minutes to complete and you can save your progress and return to it later if necessary.

Online Survey

The survey can be found here: www.energylabels.com.au.

Participants will be asked if it is the first time they are entering the survey. They will be sent a password by email that will allow them to return to the survey as many times as they like until they hit the final submission button.

If you have any technical queries you can contact the ASR Helpdesk on energylabels@aussurveys.com.

Questions about the labels and their development process can be directed to Gemma.Godwin@industry.gov.au.

We would encourage as many in the industry as possible to complete the survey and very much appreciate your assistance.

Further information

There are a number of factors that can significantly influence the energy efficiency and performance of space conditioning and water heating products, including air and water temperature, humidity, cloud cover and frosting. By introducing a zoned energy rating label that is able to convey the effects of these conditions, consumers and suppliers will be able to make better informed decisions that can result in saving money on power bills and reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

The zoned label will show an enhanced set of information to assist consumers and advisors make the most informed decisions. It will be able to display key performance information (e.g. noise levels where applicable). It will display a consistent measure to allow for appropriate sizing of these appliance types. Importantly it will also include a QR code that will allow interested parties to obtain information specific to their own interests and circumstances (pre-filled local energy tariffs etc).

Several rounds of initial design and consumer and industry testing have taken place to produce a label that will best help to convey this important information. There are still some elements that require feedback and E3is now seeking assistance from professionals in sectors who would be installing/recommending such products. We are particularly interested in views on clear ways to express sizing/capacity information to help select between comparable models.

We would appreciate industry members taking some time to undertake a quick survey to provide their feedback on this label, to ensure it would meet their needs when recommending and discussing products with customers.

The survey is short and should take no more than 5 minutes to complete. All responses will be anonymous and help to make the label as useful to members of the industry as possible.

More information on the label and its development process.