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Tips for using your clothes dryer efficiently

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Running your clothes dryer efficiently

  • Use high spin on your washer

    The drier your clothes are when they go into the clothes dryer, the less energy and time it will take to get them ready to wear.

  • Dry a full load

    If your clothes dryer does not have auto-sensing technology, then make sure you use it most efficiently by drying full loads. Most dryers use the same amount of electricity doing a partial load as a full load, so make each load count.

  • Clean the filter

    Blocked lint filters reduce the air circulation around the clothes, making your dryer work harder and use more energy. They also create a fire hazard, so make sure you clean the dryer filter after each load.

  • Ventilate the space

    Venting dryers put heat and moisture back into the space around it, making it more difficult for the dryer to do its job. Open a window or use your home ducting to ventilate the space and allow your venting dryer to work more efficiently.

  • Air dry your clothes

    The sun and air are free resources you can use to dry your clothes. If the weather is good and you have time, consider air-drying instead of using your clothes dryer.

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