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Tips for using your clothes washer efficiently

Child and adult unloading clothes dryer in kitchen

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What you need to know

  • Go for cold!

    One of the biggest users of energy for your washing machine is heating water for hot or warm washes, so choosing to wash your clothes in cold water is an easy way to save a lot of energy and money. Switching to a cold wash every time reduces the running costs of your washing machine and lowers your electricity bill in the process.

  • Use load sensing technology

    Washing machines and dryers that have load sensing technology can automatically adjust their program to suit the size of the load. This means only the amount of water and electricity needed for the load is used, minimising waste and cost.

  • Wash a full load

    If your machine does not have load sensing technology, then make sure you use it most efficiently by washing full loads. Washing machines can use the same amount of water and electricity doing a partial load as a full load, so make each load count.

  • Wash in off-peak

    Timing electricity use to take advantage of off-peak pricing is a clever way to save money. If your clothes washer has a delayed start functionality you can schedule the load to be done at the time when it will cost the least.

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