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Tips for using your dishwasher efficiently

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Running your dishwasher efficiently

  • Turn down the heat

    One of the biggest users of energy for your dishwasher is heating water. If you have a temperature guide on your machine, use the setting that will run the wash at around 50 °C. This is usually around the low to medium heat setting.

  • Wash a full load

    Make sure you use your dishwasher most efficiently by washing full loads. Dishwashers use the same amount of water and electricity doing a partial load, so make each load count.

  • Wash during off-peak

    Timing electricity use to take advantage of off-peak pricing is a clever way to save money. If your dishwasher has delayed start functionality you can schedule the load to be done at the time when it will cost the least.

  • Air-dry the dishes

    If you have time, a great way to save energy and money is to let your dishes air dry. This uses a free natural resource to finish the wash. Either turn off the heat-dry setting on the machine or open the door after the wash is complete and turn the machine off.

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