IntroductionThe Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards (External Power Supplies) Determination 2012 (the current Determination), which references AS/NZS 4665.2:2005[1], only permits External Power Supplies (EPS) products to be marked at level III, IV and V efficiency levels (see Attachment A). The registration system maintained by the GEMS Regulator reflects the requirements in the current Determination such that ‘Mark V’ is the highest efficiency mark registrants can select.In September 2013, the US Department of Energy released Version 3.0 of the International Efficiency Marking Protocol (IEMP) for external power supplies (see Attachment B) , which set out the performance requirements for an EPS to be marked at a new efficiency level of ‘VI’.The Department of Industry proposes to revise the current Determination to permit the voluntary use of Mark VI on EPS products to be supplied in Australia, provided the product meets the performance requirements for Mark VI specified in the IEMP. Two provisions of the current Determination are proposed to be amended to give effect to the new Mark VI requirements in Australia. These changes relate to the GEMS labelling requirements and other GEMS requirements set out in sections 7 and 8 of the current Determination, respectively. No other substantial changes are proposed to the current Determination.Parts II and III of this consultation paper set out sections 7 and 8 of the current Determination as well as the proposed wording for the revised sections which give effect to the Mark VI requirements. A brief explanation provides context and describes the changes made to these sections. [1] AS/NZS4665.2:2005 includes all amendments up to and including AS/NZS4665.2:2005 Amdt 1 made on 27 February 2009.