The Equipment Energy Efficiency (E3) Committee is calling for public comment on this Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement from all interested parties. Submissions should be received by close of business 29 July 2011.Submissions can be either emailed mailed to:Taira VoraLighting and Equipment Energy Efficiency TeamAppliance Energy Efficiency BranchDepartment of Climate Change and Energy EfficiencyGPO Box 854Canberra ACT 2601This Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) examines the proposal to raise the mandatory energy efficiency levels of new distribution transformers sold in Australia and New Zealand. These transformers are used in public electricity supply systems and the industrial, mining and commercial sectors. The aim is to reduce distribution transformer energy losses to below the business as usual (BAU) case while ensuring that savings exceed costs and quality and reliability of supply are not compromised.The proposal under consideration is for the mandatory efficiency levels in Australian Standard AS2374 to be increased to the existing high efficiency levels, adjusted to take account of industry concerns. Further, the scope would be expanded to include transformers up to 3150 kVA and system maximum voltage level up to 36 kV. The RIS presents a benefit- cost analysis of increasing the energy efficiency of distribution transformers on the Australian and New Zealand market.