Executive summary

The Equipment Energy Efficiency (E3) Program is conducting a comprehensive review of the energy rating labelling scheme in Australia and New Zealand (known as the E3 Label Review Project). Each component of the E3 Label Review Project examines an element of the Energy Rating Label (ERL), its place in the changing appliance market and the effectiveness of the label as an information tool. As part of the E3 Label Review Project, ACIL Allen Consulting have been commissioned by the Department of Industry (on behalf of the E3 Committee) to undertake an independent review of the ERL used in Australia and New Zealand.

The objectives of this review are to assess the effectiveness of the current ERL and to identify possible changes and improvements to it. The approach used to meet these objectives was to undertake a comprehensive assessment of the existing national and international literature on energy labelling and two online surveys of Australian consumers.

Each survey sample consisted of approximately 1,200 consumers geographically spread throughout Australia. The first survey was administered during late October and early November 2013. The second survey was in the field from mid-January until early February 2014. Both surveys were administered by Roy Morgan Research.

The number of consumers surveyed was chosen to ensure the surveys targeted a representative sample of consumers over 18, across income ranges, ages and gender that allows for statistically significant conclusions to be made. At the analysis stage, data was weighted to realign the sample with population proportions.

The report attached outlines this review’s key findings and recommendations.