This report is a Product Profile focusing on electric storage water heaters.

Electric storage water heaters, also known as electric resistive water heaters, are a type of water heater that heat water through one or more electric resistive elements and store the hot water for later use.

In Australia and New Zealand dwellings where electric storage water heaters are used, water heaters are a major contributor to the consumption of electricity and to greenhouse gas emissions except when the electricity is from renewable sources.

This Product Profile provides the basis for consultation with industry, community and other stakeholders on options to improve the energy performance of electric storage water heaters, as well as the potential for improving the associated regulatory arrangements.

The Product Profile provides an overview of the market in Australia and New Zealand; including the water heating technologies that utilise electric storage water heaters, major suppliers, and an overview of the sales and installed stock of these water heaters. It introduces a variety of different policy options that could be used to achieve ongoing savings for consumers, greenhouse gas reductions and to harmonise regulatory arrangements.