This discussion paper investigates options for governments to drive improvements to energy efficiency of new Small Fan Units (power input less than 125 Watts) sold into the Australian and New Zealand markets, including the possibility of implementing mandatory minimum energy performance standards (MEPS). This discussion paper covers stand-alone fans and small fans integrated into other appliances and equipment.Significant additional data is required for a more robust analysis of the policy options to be undertaken, and readers are asked to supply this where they have it. Note that this document does not pose policy but indicates a variety of options that require further discussion with industry stakeholders and consideration by government.Information gaps include:1) data on the market e.g. stock and sales of small fan units and appliances and equipment which potentially contain fan units within the scope of the profile, and2) technical knowledge such as typical power consumption, annual operating time, and average efficiency of small fan units within scope.Assistance from industry stakeholders is requested to address these gaps. Feedback from readers on the key questions presented in this Product Profile will be greatly appreciated. Comments should be emailed to and should state the title of the relevant Product Profile in the subject heading.The official public consultation period ends on 6 July 2012.