On 22 November 2019, COAG Energy Council agreed to introduce demand response (DR) capability requirements for air conditioners (ACs), electric storage water heaters (resistive), devices controlling swimming pool pump units, and electric  vehicle (EV) charger/discharger controllers recommended by the Decision RIS (DRIS) Option 3  - Recommendations 1-15.

The DRIS incorporated amendments to the Consultation RIS recommendations, mainly in response to submissions received. These include:

  • delaying the commencement date by 12 months;
  • permitting a new compliance option for ACs via an older, withdrawn version of the relevant DR standard for a limited period of time;
  • reducing the number of Demand Response  ‘modes’  to be required for water heaters; and
  • permitting an alternative compliance option for EVs via an International Standard if it can be determined that there is one that provides equivalent capabilities to the relevant Australian Standard.