This regulatory impact statement to investigate revised MEPS for three phase electric motors was commissioned by NAEEEC and was prepared by Syneca Consulting. This public comment draft was released in December 2003.This regulatory impact statement analyses proposed changes to minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) for motors falling within the scope of the joint Australian New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 1359.5. These are three-phase induction motors with output ratings from 0.73 kW up to but not including 185 kWh. They are used in a wide range of applications, including air-conditioning and ventilation systems, pumps, mechanical drives and compressors. The new regulation for more stringent MEPS levels would take effect from 2006.The main MEPS proposal considered is to make the current high efficiency levels in AS/NZS 1359.5-2000 the MEPS levels from 2006, together with revised high efficiency levels. The proposed measures will require about 70% of existing models to be withdrawn from the market. Motor losses will need to be reduced by 10-20% for most motors that are borderline compliant with the existing 2001 MEPS, with larger reductions for some smaller motors.The total savings of electricity and greenhouse gas are about 8,900 GWh and 7.7 MTCO2-e respectively. At their peak in 2012, energy use and greenhouse emissions would be reduced by 0.7% relative to the BAU projections of the total amount of energy used by motors.The revised MEPS levels for three phase electric motors in 2006 are set out in the Motor MEPS page of this website.