Following on from the report ‘Energy efficiency requirements for road lighting designs and luminaires’ the E3 committee commissioned a further study into the concept of a Road Lighting Design Classification System. 

The study took data from a representative sample of 89 Australian and New Zealand Road Lighting Designs and applied the proposed classification system to assess and rate the designs.

The review found:

  • the proposed lighting design rating methodology provides a useful comparative metric.

  • a wide variation in the energy performance of the road designs evaluated, with the highest rated V Category design exhibiting ten times the energy performance of the lowest. In P Category designs the spread was even wider, with the highest being 27 times the lowest.

  • while LED technology was dominant at the higher performance levels, some road lighting designs employing LED delivered low performance outcomes, demonstrating that achieving efficient street lighting solutions is about a combination of both product selection and good design.

The review recommended some modifications to the proposed design classification method to align with recent changes in international standards.  This review has now been submitted to Standards Committee LG-002 Lighting for Roads and Public Spaces for consideration in relation to their review of AS/NZS 1158.