This report (2006/10) documents the actions and achievements in the field of standby power since 2000 when work and analysis first commenced in Australia. It also provides an overall assessment of the standby status of each major product group including information sources and trend data for each individual product where this is available. In particular this report includes: Overview of the MCE Standby Power Strategy 2002-2012. Overview of the status of each major product type. An overview of standby power profiles released and their Stage 1 and Stage 2 requirements. Full list of all E3 public reports on standby power. Issues for consideration with respect to data collection. An overview summary of several key studies undertaken to date. A detailed summary of each significant product type with significant standby power levels. This report has been prepared for the E3 Committee and provides background information for industry, governments and consumers on key actions in the areas of standby. The report also provides background information for the international and domestic standby conferences held in November 2006.