The Switch on Gas strategy is a blueprint jointly endorsed by government and industry outlining the actions to enhance energy efficiency for gas appliances and equipment over the next 10 years. The launch of the strategy commits:Governments to incorporating gas end-use product efficiency into a similar regulatory  environment that already exists for electrical products; and Industry to providing world-class products within a legislative scheme, with formal responsibilities stipulated in state and territory laws.The partnership that already characterises the electrical product program will extend to include a range of gas powered appliances and equipment.Switch on Gas, which was released in December 2004, is supported by the Ministerial Council on Energy and therefore by all relevant jurisdictions in Australia. It represents the agreed parameters for the scheme that will improve the efficiency of and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from gas appliances and equipment over the next decade from 2005-2015.Switch on Gas sets the strategic direction for what will come to be known as the Gas Appliance and Equipment Energy Efficiency Program (GAEEEP). It will be an element within the National Appliance and Equipment Energy Efficiency Program (NAEEEP). This will be the first time that both the efficiency of electrical and gas products will be addressed by the one national scheme in Australia New Zealand. The gas elements of the scheme also have the potential to be extended to.