AS/NZS 1158.3.1 Lighting for roads and public spaces, Part 3.1: Pedestrian area (Category P) lighting — Performance and design requirements was updated in 2020. New performance quantification techniques for lighting design energy efficiency based on international best practice were included.

This User Guide is intended to inform public lighting managers, advisors, and suppliers. This will assist with design, procurement, management, and audit of public lighting schemes.

The calculation methods used, supplement lighting design requirements specified by the standard. The methods are for use on paths, roads, streets, and area lighting for spaces such as outdoor car parks. The methods accommodate both non-adaptive lighting as well as modern technologies that deliver adaptive lighting advantages.

The standard includes the Power Density Indicator and Annual Energy Consumption Indicator, methods to calculate them, and performance reporting requirements. These are practical and informative tools to assess systemic energy use to optimise the energy performance of new and existing public lighting schemes.