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In 2018, Instinct & Reason was commissioned to undertake research on the Energy Rating Icon, which is a simplified version of the Energy Rating Label for use online by retailers and suppliers.


The aim of the research was to understand whether displaying energy rating information in online retail stores leads consumers to purchase more energy efficient appliances, and if so, whether displaying the information in the form of an image has more impact than displaying it in text form.    


Energy Rating Icon CSS code for web developers embedding the Icon on the supplier or retailer websites.

Explaining how the stars can help

A simple, easy-to-read guide on the Energy Rating Label that explains:

- how to interpret the Energy Rating Label; and

- how purchasing a more efficient appliance can save money on energy bills.

The guide is suitable for anyone purchasing an appliance that displays the Energy Rating Label.  It is available for download and can be republished to communicate information on the energy efficiency of a labelled appliance.



Executive summary

The emphasis in the current policy setting is on greenhouse gas reduction and assisting households to transition to a low-carbon future. Energy efficiency measures are a key element of the Government’s approach, in addition to an emissions trading scheme and the renewable energy target. The Energy labelling and Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) under the Equipment Energy Efficiency (E3) program seek to address problems relating to lack of information on the energy performance of appliances and equipment and incentives that may result in poor energy efficiency choices.