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Guidance Document: Voluntary Pre-Registration of refrigerated cabinets - EECA

Guidance Document: Voluntary Pre-Registration of refrigerated cabinets - EECA

On 16 November 2018, an exposure draft of a replacement Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards (Refrigerated Display Cabinets) Determination was released for public comment. The principle changes from the current requirements are the introduction of tighter minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) for refrigerated display cabinets, and introduction of MEPS for storage cabinets and ice cream freezers, and adopting international test standards for all affected models.

This document provides a high level overview of the Exposure Draft – Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards (Refrigerated Cabinets) Determination 2018, including key implementation steps, registration system, regulatory process and how to provide feedback. 

This booklet provides an overview of the proposed changes to regulation of commercial refrigeration products. The changes will align energy efficiency specifications with major Australian and New Zealand trading partners, promoting international harmonisation of standards and efficiency levels. New categories of commercial refrigeration will also be subject to energy efficiency regulation under the Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards Act 2012 (GEMS Act) in Australia and the Energy Efficiency (Energy Using Products) Regulations 2002 in New Zealand.

Submission for Refrigerated display and storage cabinets 2018




Submission for Refrigerated display and storage cabinets 2018 by Cyberchill

This paper provides an update on the implementation of the proposals for refrigerated display and storage cabinets, gelato scooping cabinets and small (<=500 litre) ice-cream freezers, following approval by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Energy Ministers of the Decision Regulatory Impact Statement on 24 November 2017.

It also updates stakeholders and industry on developments since they were consulted on the recommendations of the trans-Tasman Technical Working Group in August 2017. The proposed implementation date for all proposals is 1 December 2019.

This Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) considers policy proposals to improve the energy efficiency of commercial refrigerated cabinets – namely: • Refrigerated display cabinets - commercial fridges designed to display food or drink for sale. These cabinets are used by retailers such as supermarkets, corner stores and bakeries to keep food and beverages cool or frozen. Many are open-fronted (to allow customer or staff access), or include transparent doors or lids. They are currently regulated for energy efficiency in Australia and New Zealand.

This consultation paper provides an update to stakeholders following industry feedback on the Consultation Regulation Impact Statement – Refrigerated display and storage cabinets (Consultation RIS) released on 15 July 2016.It contains the technical findings and recommendations of the Technical Working Group which were circulated to industry stakeholders for feedback on 13 April 2017

The second document contains the Technical Appendix.

A written submission period was open from 13 April 2017 to 5 September 2017 and two submissions were received.