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Review of the Maine Compact Fluorescent Lamp study (February 2008)

This Regulatory Impact Statement was prepared with the assistance of Syneca Consulting and Beletich Associates. This Committee reports to the Ministerial Council on Energy, comprising the energy ministers of the Australian federal, state and territory governments, and of the New Zealand government.

Download Test Results: APP CFL Performance and Mercury Testing Australian Results v0.3 Test Results: APP CFL Performance and Mercury Testing Australian Results v0.3

This press release was issued by the Honourable Malcolm Turnbull, Minister for the Environment and Water Resources on the 20th of February, 2007.

This report (April 2005) examines the potential to apply minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) to halogen transformers, in order to accelerate the transition to low loss units and to eliminate inefficient models.

This paper examines whether Australian Governments should proceed with the use of MEPS and/or an endorsement label for compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) in the Australian market, and if so, what criteria this label should be based upon.

In this report, a number of overseas endorsement programs for CFLs are examined and their scope and requirements are compared.

This fact sheet outlines the requirements for registering Linear Fluorescent Lamps for Energy Labelling or MEPS.

This MEPS Profile (Report Number 2002/10) has been released outlining the proposed strategies that the Australian Government will introduce with respect to regulating Lamps.

Fact Sheet 1: MEPS for fluorescent lamp ballasts – provides an outline of the regulatory requirements for fluorescent lamp ballasts used with linear fluorescent lamps in Australia.