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This fact sheet outlines the requirements for registering Linear Fluorescent Lamps for Energy Labelling or MEPS.

This standby product profile (2003/08) released in October outlines the government's proposals to assist industry meet standby targets for clothes washers.

Suppliers may remember participating in the Voluntary Energy Rating Labelling Program (VERLP) for Swimming Pool Pump-units. This program has ended, and voluntary labels cannot be displayed after 31 March 2023.

Pool pumps must now meet new requirements under the Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards (Swimming Pool Pump-units) Determination 2021 (the Determination).

The scope and method for calculating minimum energy performance standards and energy star ratings have changed since the VERLP.

This MEPS Profile (Report Number 2002/10) has been released outlining the proposed strategies that the Australian Government will introduce with respect to regulating Lamps.

Fact Sheet 1: MEPS for fluorescent lamp ballasts – provides an outline of the regulatory requirements for fluorescent lamp ballasts used with linear fluorescent lamps in Australia.