30 July 2017

Labelling and registration compliance

GEMS market surveillance continues to be a focus of GEMS compliance activity to ensure products of models and models of GEMS products in the marketplace meet labelling and registration requirements.

Thirty per cent more products of models were inspected in the 2016-17 financial year than the previous, up from 2768 to 3929. Eighty-seven per cent were found to have been correctly registered.

Seventy-four per cent of products of models required to display the Energy Rating Label met the GEMS labelling requirements. Clothes dryers had the highest rate of labelling compliance at 94 per cent.  Computer monitors and televisions had the lowest rate of labelling compliance at 35 per cent and 47 per cent respectively.

GEMS inspectors also inspected a total of 232 models of GEMS lighting products. 

A total of 125 models of halogen lamps were inspected. Twenty-seven models across 14 brands were identified as unregistered, most of which have not previously been registered under GEMS.

Eighty models of self-ballasted compact fluorescent lamps were inspected. Forty-eight models across eight brands were identified as unregistered, most of which have not been previously registered under GEMS.

Twenty-seven models of linear fluorescent lamps were inspected with eight identified as unregistered, across five brands.

The GEMS Regulator is actively responding to the non-compliance through a range of enforcement responses. 

The data from 2016/17 will inform compliance monitoring activities for 2017/18, enabling the GEMS Regulator to prioritise products, models, and retailers /suppliers where there is a high risk of non-compliance.

Labelling non-compliance in relation to TVs and Computer Monitors will be a major priority, as will lighting.  

The full report on 2016-17 GEMS market surveillance activity will be published on energyrating.gov.au when available in August 2017.