27 November 2019

The Energy Efficiency Expo was held on 21-22 October 2019 and is a free-to-attend conference and exhibition run by the Energy Efficiency Council. The Expo showcases the latest low-carbon, cost-reducing technologies, and brings together expert speakers from various industries who share valuable insights and case studies on energy productivity.

One of the presentation sessions titled ‘Residential: The pathway to healthy, comfortable homes’, discussed the efforts being made to drive a step change in the quality of Australia’s housing stock so that it is healthy, comfortable, affordable and low carbon.

Some highlights from this session were:

  • The average NatHERS star rating of new homes in Australia is as high as 6.9 stars for detached homes in the Australian Capital Territory and 7.7 stars for apartments in the Northern Territory (see https://ahd.csiro.au for more information about buildings).
  • Sustainability Victoria has been engaging with volume home builders to design and construct New Zero Net Carbon homes.
  • Renew has found that consumers are calling for more healthy and affordable homes, with leading builders having trailblazing projects as seen as part of Sustainable House Day.

For more information on the Energy Efficiency Expo, visit: www.energyefficiencyexpo.com.au.