16 August 2019

On 15 August 2019, the replacement Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards (Refrigerated Cabinets) Determination 2019 was registered and published.

It includes a number of changes to the regulation of refrigerated cabinets in Australia and New Zealand, and was developed in collaboration with the New Zealand Government.

Please note: the new changes only apply in Australia at this stage. New Zealand intends to align with Australian regulation as closely as possible to maintain alignment under E3 and the Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Act (TTMRA). Although the New Zealand regulatory processes may result in a slightly later ‘in force’ date, voluntary registrations to the new requirements will be available in New Zealand from 1 September 2019 until the in force date applies.

The changes in the 2019 Determination include:

  • The addition of refrigerated storage cabinets, ice-cream freezers and scooping cabinets to the product classes of refrigerated cabinets that are regulated for energy efficiency;
  • The assessment of refrigerated cabinet performance using an Energy Efficiency Index (EEI) scale, instead of the traditional minimum energy performance standards;
  • The alignment of Australian and New Zealand regulations with international standards and European efficiency levels;
  • A revised definition of what constitutes a family of models for refrigerated cabinets and an increase in the maximum number of models permitted in a family of models registration (from 10 to 25);
  • The ability to register low volume/bespoke cabinets, providing an alternative method of demonstrating compliance for refrigerated cabinets that are produced in low quantities and/or cannot be tested in a standard testing facility.

More detailed information on these changes can be found on the Commercial Refrigeration product page.

From 15 August 2019, a one year transition period applies, where suppliers can register their products under either the existing 2012 Determination or the new 2019 Determination. 

From 15 August 2020, suppliers will be required to register their refrigerated cabinets under the 2019 Determination. At this time, all existing registrations will be revalidated against the new Determination. Any refrigerated cabinets that do not comply with the requirements of the new Determination will be superseded. As a result, these cabinets will no longer be able to be imported into Australia, but existing stock can continue to be sold until the supply of stock in Australia is exhausted.

Please contact the Energy Rating Team for any enquiries relating to the registration of refrigerated cabinets in Australia.