31 May 2016

Australia has been appointed as the new Chair of the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) Programme on Energy Efficient End-Use Equipment (4E). This role commenced for a two year period at the conclusion of last week’s 4E Executive Committee meeting in London and will be performed by Australia’s GEMS Regulator, Michelle Croker.

4E was established by 12 countries from the Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America in 2008 to promote government actions that encourage the use of energy efficient appliances and equipment. This is achieved through:

  • collecting and analysing information, sharing expertise and pooling resources on energy efficient end-use equipment systems
  • coordinating internationally acceptable approaches that promote energy efficient end-use equipment and systems; and
  • developing greater understanding of policies and practices in the field of energy efficient end-use equipment and systems.

4E’s work has continued to expand and gain more influence in recent years. One significant milestone for 4E in 2015 was the formation of the Connected Devices Alliance (CDA); providing a forum for industry and governments to develop new joint initiatives on networked devices and recommend policy approaches to G20 governments.

Australia is committed to its new role as Chair of 4E, and looks forward to contributing its skills and experience to international efforts aimed at improving energy efficiency. 

For more information, visit the 4E Programme website.