1 April 2019

New report shows 75 per cent of products comply

The Check Testing Results – July 2018 to December 2018 report has been published. During this time, check testing was completed on 24 models of GEMS products. Of the models tested, 18 met the relevant GEMS level requirements and energy efficiency claims.

The GEMS Regulator responded to the six models that failed the check testing process by:

  • Cancelling three registrations
  • Agreeing to a solution presented by the registrant to bring a model back to compliance
  • Negotiating an enforceable undertaking which ceased sales until the issue on the Energy Rating Label was rectified, and provided compensation to customers who had purchased the product
  • Referring a clothes washer to the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) Regulator for further action.

Check testing is regularly undertaken on GEMS products to ensure models meet the relevant determination’s GEMS level requirements (often referred to as minimum energy performance standards or MEPS), and the energy efficiency claims of manufacturers and suppliers.

The number of models and products check tested during a particular period depends on a range of factors including; the product type, the availability of models, the availability of an accredited body to conduct the check test, the accredited body’s schedule and the time and resources required to analyse the check test results.

For further information on check testing, see the GEMS Check Testing Policy.